Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Snow Removal for Bangor, ME

Count on Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Are you a homeowner or business owner in Bangor, ME, in need of expert, dependable lawn care, landscaping, or yard drainage solutions? Rest easy, and trust Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal in Hermon, ME.

We are a full-service, fully insured yard care, landscaping, and snow removal specialist, offering quality work on residential and commercial jobs of any size. Tree service to yard drainage solutions, we do it all. When you rely on us, you get our best work, because you always deal with our owner, and he is out on every job.

In Bangor, ME, we offer honest, dependable work, expertise, dedication, and great customer service. Call us today (207) 735-3515, or contact us by email at [email protected], or fill out the provided contact form.

We also cover Hermon, ME; Brewer, ME; Hampden, ME; and towns throughout Penobscot County, ME, and Piscataquis County, ME.

Hard Work and Dedication to Landscaping Projects

Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal provides the best mowing and trimming services in Bangor, ME, but that just scratches the surface of the depth of our yard services. We also are the landscaping specialists, and we can make your dream of a beautiful lawn a reality. We will plan out the work with you, doing our best to bring your exact wishes to life. We will then work very hard.

Depend on every aspect of our landscaping work, including great mulch installation and solid, attractive retaining walls and hardscaping. We even offer effective yard drainage and wet lawn solutions. Our landscaping work can transform simple, plain yards into backyard paradises. Make your lawn a destination for family and friends or a solitary sanctuary for relaxation; whatever it will be, we will create it.

Maine Winter? No Problem for Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Our expert services do not end when the snow begins. As winter rolls through Maine, Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal will be there to handle all snow removal needs. We handle it all, including the removal of snow from roofs, as well as sanding and salting.

Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal is the four-season, dependable yard care specialist.

We Even Handle Tree Service Needs

Facing issues with the trees on your Bangor, ME, property? Look to Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal for terrific tree service solutions.

Trees give a lawn its personality, so we promise that we will handle them —  and the rest of your property — with respect and care. We always employ the best techniques in our work, while focusing on safety — ours, yours, and that of your family, pets, employees, and structures.

We remove trees, trim trees for both practical or aesthetic reasons, remove stumps, and clear lots. Whatever your tree service needs, we professionally handle them.

Count on us for fall and spring cleanup, too. When leaves start to fall or when spring weather melts the snow, revealing the mess underneath, we will make a yard look great again.