Durable Retaining Walls for Yards and Gardens

Hardscaping by Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal in Hermon, ME

Nothing takes landscaping to another level like retaining walls and hardscaping. Unfortunately, nothing detracts more from a beautiful property like shoddy retaining walls and hardscaping.

When you want a trustworthy company to build reliable retaining walls and hardscaping that will stand through time and weather while looking great, choose Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal in Hermon, ME. Our team knows the most effective installation techniques and only uses the best products.

For quality, strong retaining walls and durable hardscaping anywhere in Penobscot County, ME, or Piscataquis County, ME, call us today at (207) 735-3515, email us at [email protected], or fill out the provided contact form.

Functional, Beautiful Retaining Walls and Hardscaping

Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal can construct durable retaining walls and beautiful, functional hardscaping at homes and offices anywhere in Hermon, ME; Bangor, ME; Brewer, ME; Hampden, ME; or anywhere else in Penobscot County, ME, or Piscataquis County, ME. As a homeowner or business owner, ask this question: Why would a retaining wall or hardscaping be necessary on your property? A retaining wall will greatly benefit a yard, as it will provide support to keep soil from shifting. This will prevent sinkholes and erosion, as well as unsightly dirt piles. A retaining wall also protects property and structures. It can increase property values, solving yard drainage problems and beautifying the yard.

Hardscaping is another smart choice. It is simply any man-made feature added to landscaping, such as paths or patios. These features aid in reducing erosion, as well as adding appeal. It will increase property value, while expanding options for entertaining guests or just enjoying some relaxing alone time. You can even use hardscaping to add new scale and privacy, with different levels or twisting paths and stone walls and pergolas. At Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal, our retaining walls and hardscaping are both effectively functional and aesthetically pleasing. You will get the best work possible, because you will deal directly with our owner, who will be on the job.

We are the Yard-Care Experts in Penobscot & Piscataquis Counties

At Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal, we pride ourselves on being full-service yard care specialists. In addition to our professional mowing and trimming services, we also design and install beautiful landscaping plans for homes and businesses, including superior mulch installation and yard drainage and wet lawns solutions.

We are also tree service experts, providing expert, safe tree removal and tree trimming, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

When Maine’s winter brings its precipitation, trust Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal for consistent, dependable snow removal, salting, and sanding. And when winter melts into spring and reveals the mess underneath —  or when the colorful leaves of fall pile up —  our team will be there to clean it up.

Appalachian Lawn Care & Snow Removal is a fully insured yard-care specialist, handling residential and commercial jobs of all sizes all throughout Penobscot County, ME, and Piscataquis County, ME.